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Performance equestrian surfaces

All weather surfaces

GTECH ECO is an economy product designed for either a top up to an existing tired surface or as part of our combi surface.


It is great for someone who maybe has a deep sand surface that needs some stability or even a tired surface just needed a boost on a budget.


Supplied in bags that you offload and lay on your pre prepared surface base and are 99.9% contamination free

● All weather surface
● Drainage friendly
● 100% Recycled Fibres with binding agent
● Performance impact
● Low Maintenance - rolling needed
● Frost resistant
● Minimal dust
● 20 year plus lifespan

Gtech Eco is a performance based surface. Which consists of Gtech Fibre and our automotive foam which increases performance. This can be
installed as a complete new surface.


● As a complete new surface
● For all disciplines
● As a gallop
● As a canter ring
● As a lunge pen

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