Maintenance Myths – Won’t a non-waxed surface require more work?

We are often asked this question. It is often thought that a non-waxed surface will require more upkeep and maintenance than a waxed surface.

Low maintenance non-waxed surface

In reality, synthetic fibre surfacing needs little maintenance. The nature of the material components means the fibres stay in place once laid. The surface also improves with use and age, ideal for a well-used arena that needs a hard-wearing and long-lasting surface.

The only maintenance it will ever need is rolling if you feel it needs it. Other than that, you can concentrate on your performance with one less job to do on the list!

Carpet Gallop is used by hundreds of people from hobbyists to Eventers, in the UK, Europe, the US and Middle East. It is suitable for polo yards, gallops, tracks, racecourses or lunge rings.

With drainage issues, compaction and freezing worries all gone, a non-waxed surface from Carpet Gallop means year round riding!

Environmentally friendly

Not only is your new surface low maintenance, it has also been manufactured to the highest of standards. We ensure the best quality fibres are produced, whilst sustainably reducing carpet material waste. Our advanced recycling equipment ensures a clean, quality assured fibre is produced, giving you a high-performance and green surface.

Cost Effective

With a Carpet Gallop surface, low maintenance means no expensive equipment is needed, saving you time and money. Carpet Gallop is a family owned equestrian business with many friends in the industry. We produced this surface to combat the need for costly and high maintenance surfacing. Tried and tested by us and many industry professionals, we are proud of our award winning surfacing.

What to know more?

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