If you are deciding which Equestrian Surface is right for you, this guide may help.

Stand Alone Carpet Gallop

Use is anything from a lunge pen, turn out, arena or gallops. This product is used as a sand free surface but uses the calcium and latex that is already in the recycled carpet to help bind it to replace the sand. 


Low cost, easy to lay and maintain as all it needs is occasional rolling. You can use it for any discipline and helps with bringing horses up to fitness and helps keep them fit. Unlike sand based products the horses natural action is not compromised thus reducing injury during training periods. Racehorse trainers have seen instant results in their form and users include European Gold Medallist Team GB show jumper 2019.  Grand National winning trainers Donald McCain and Lucinda Russell also use our surfaces. It’s also a recycled sustainable product with a long lifespan and it copes with -15, so is all weather.


Used as a topping to rejuvenate tired sand based surfaces for all the same uses as stand alone. It’s made from 100% synthetic fibre from offcuts of new car carpet. It won’t freeze or rot just like stand alone. It has the same benefits as well and is our most popular product. In hot climates it has helped by insulating the base sand from drying out quickly and therefore reduces the need to irrigate as much.

GTECH Combi Surface

This is GTECH laid on a base of standalone again used for all disciplines. Totally sand free, low maintenance and has the benefits as standalone and is a more uniform colour. 


If you are looking for an economic, environmentally sound and professionally recommended new equestrian surface contact us today