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⭐⭐Standalone Pro! 80% Cheaper Than a Sand & Fibre Mix⭐⭐

Equestrian surfaces

Standalone pro is ideal for gallops, ménages and arenas. This product has been developed by racehorse owners and breeders to a specification that is consistent with what they would use for

their own horses.

Can be used as a topper on an old sand surface to give you that pro surface feeling! For 80% cheaper of the cost 😉

⭐Or can be laid straight on top of a membrane for a hard wearing and low maintenance surface⭐ 20x40 surface is only £1800 + delivery and VAT

**Our surfaces are tried and tested down to - 15c and will not freeze**

Drop us a pm or visit our website for a quote!

Or call us on: 01785 719991 for free advice

** RPS compliant and environmental approval**

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